10 (30?) Questions Writing Game

The lovely Scarlett Olivier​ tagged me via Twitter in this fun game. Managed to discover a few things about my work while writing it. Take a look!

1. What do you hope to communicate to your audience with your WIP?

Sometimes guilt and fear can be crushing. The only thing more overwhelming is hope.

2. What do you find the hardest to write? (Ex: emotion, humor, seduction, etc…)

Out-of-scene passages. Anything that isn’t right in the moment, zoomed in on the characters really throws me off. I always wonder if I’m overwriting on a topic or trailing too far from the subject.

3. How bad do you feel your first draft was/is?

I think I have solid first drafts due to over editing, but considering I do over edit, I take longer than I should. Sometimes need to refer to notes to recall the rules of the world in my stories.

4. What is your favorite genre to read? Write?

Urban fantasy/supernatural. I love anything with  dark grit to it.

5. Who have you based your style of writing off of?

Hell if I know. I wish I read more so I could answer this more thoroughly.

6. What made you want to publish your work?

I was 11 and realized people sometimes got money by turning sharing the things they write.  Of course after I grew up a little bit, I realized that’s not very lucrative. Now I just want people to feel what I feel when I write these scenes.

7. What have you had to research the most for your WIP?

Two of the main characters in my current novel grew up during the Puritan settlement era of America. I covered everything from naming traditions and clothing (They actually did wear color!) to recorded cases of homosexuality and views on witchcraft.

8. What character do you like (that you’ve written) the least?

This is tough because I genuinely like all my characters. I think Irene from my latest work (see above) gives me some trouble though. She’s very frantic and panicky. Sometimes she resists being calmed or comforted. This is something I personally had a big problem with, so it’s a little cringy to see my old flaws on display.

9. Are you basing any of your WIP off your life and what would it be ( if not to spoiler – ex: people, places, situations)?

Almost all my characters have some kind of mental illness. Many are LGBTQ, which is appropriate because most of my friends are. There are many instances in which characters suffer from the heat, whether it be from the weather, physical reactions to panic attacks, and literally going to hell to advance the plot. It’s not something I consciously integrated, but I’ve lived in Florida my whole life and grew up Evangelical/Charismatic. The parallels are hard to dismiss.

10. Who would you dedicate you book to?

My husband and mom. They never let me compromise my dreams due to fear.

11. If you could steal one idea from a famous author, what would it be?

Do manga authors count? I think Sword Art Online’s premise is amazing but it hurts how bad it is. I would love to take it and make something amazing out of it.

If you like Sword Art online, I’m not sorry.

12. What’s been the hardest to write in your WIP so far? (Ex: beginnings, middles, ends, etc.)

Endings. If I’m getting paid to write it, then I have no problem finishing it, but when it comes to writing for myself, I really have to push or have an extermal deadline forcing me to finish.

13. Which characters in your WIP get along the worst? The best?

Amos and Ethan (see Question 7) are 5000% gay for each other, but even after 3 1/2 centuries, the Puritan Guilt still gets in the way. Both know each other too well, and use each other’s weaknesses to get what they want.

Amara and Irene are also 5000% gay for each other, but they are very aware of their differences to help one another cope. Amara may be rough, but she has the patience to reel Irene back in if she panics. On the other hand, when Irene feels safe she is often the Mom Friend™ and great at getting people to feel at home.

14. Tea, coffee, water, or nothing when working?

Morning writing calls for coffee. Night writing calls for tea.

15. Is your desk organized or messy?

I prefer the term lived in.

16. Can you summarize your favorite piece of writing (that you’ve created)?

I’d hesitate to think I have a favorite, but Amos and Ethan’s backstory is something I always tinker with.

 A young Jewish orphan, Amos, harbors unacceptable affections toward the minister’s eldest son, Ethan. In public Ethan subtly returns his affections, while in private, he all but confesses love. But when the two are discovered, it’s Amos finds himself facing the fire of their community’s anger, literally. 

17. How long have you been working on your current WIP?

About a year and a half longer than I wanted to, but life happens.

18. Sum up your main characters in three words. (Sorry, not a question)

Wren: Neurotic, Driven, Cerebral

Amos: Violent, Composed, Emotive

Ethan: Manipulative, Loyal, Pensive

19. What time of day are you most productive?

Morning. Making myself sit down at the desk is the hardest part, but as soon as I’m there I can knock word counts out like dominoes.

20. What’s your favorite fictional place?

I may not be into high fantasy much anymore, but I’m a sucker for Middle Earth. Give me courts of high elves, mines of deep-dwelling dwarves, and the dinner tables of hobbits.

21. What book inspired you to write the most?

I happened to start writing right before I discovered The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. They didn’t inspire me to write, but they definitely kept the fire alive.

22. Do you write by hand, type, or some combination of the two?

As one of my old professors put it, I have the handwriting of Grendel. Typing only please.

23. A book you would recommend to anyone?

I love Good Omens By Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet. It’s funny and clever, but it also helped with my faith. I listen to the audiobook when I have a hard time sleeping.

29. What is the one thing you NEED while writing, that isn’t necessarily a writing tool?

Either good flow music or silence. No coffee shop ambient noise for me. I have a hard enough time focusing without noise setting my brain on fire.

25. How much time do you spend writing?

I’m tinkering with this. I used to do 30 minute blitzes that were really productive. I’m starting to block in 2-2.5 hours in the morning every day. Sometimes it’s fantastic. Sometimes it’s not.

26. How much time do you wish you spent writing?

10 hours a day. I used to write that much when I had off days in school.

27. Do you set writing goals? If so, what is your writing goal for this year?

I set unrealistic writing goals until my life got a little wonky. Now I just want to have a finished first draft of either my short story collection or my recent novel by the end of the year. Doable, but I know if I don’t fight to prioritize it, it won’t happen.

28. What’s you favorite POV to write in?

Long fiction: 3rd person, limited

Short fiction: First person.

29. How many WIPs do you currently have?

If I count the short stories in my collection, current novel, back-burner novels, and faintly outlined ideas samples, that bumps this number to 12.

Rabbit Trail: I really think it’s ok for some pieces to remain unfinished. Sometimes we have ideas so lofty that our current skills don’t match them. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to finish them. But sometimes we can’t handle the ideas with the mental equipment we have at the time. Letting ourselves develop is sometimes the best thing we can do for the story.

30. What is your favorite thing about writing?

I lose myself in writing and yet somehow find myself again through it.

1 thought on “10 (30?) Questions Writing Game

  1. “If you like Sword Art online, I’m not sorry.”

    This made me laugh out loud (for real) in Litigation.

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