15110531_1488775314470753_7809110305820213867_oMy husband tells me I am a contrary person. It’s in my nature. I’m a Northeast Florida native who hates the heat, sun, and sand. I’m biracial but don’t look it. I’m an extroverted writer, so extroverted that my current day job working with people has been the best I’ve ever had.

There’s a friction in the unexpected, light skin rubbing raw against Latin heritage, my covered arms defying the Florida sun. Dissonance. Frustration. Conflict–it drives all characters and stories. Whether it’s folklore horror and Southern gothic-inspired pieces or supernatural fiction, I write to capture the tension I imagine in my characters. I stretch it in my hands and see how far it goes until it snaps.


Allister Timms

Welsh Rarebit


Shortness of Breadth

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